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About Us

Acry-back Splash-backs & bar-backs was a concept founded in 2013 to provide an inexpensive solution to wet area wall protection, we also realised that not only wet areas could benefit from this product but any area that needed a touch of colour.

Maybe that red jug in the kitchen needs something to make it pop? Try our Ruby splashbacks or maybe the bathtub needs a little something on the wall?.. try our Aquamarine splashbacks and maybe the kitchen island needs something to match your black glass splashback, try our Jet barback at a fraction of the cost of repeating it in glass.

We believe that any area can be interesting, and that our splashbacks could also serve as wall art. Any image you can see in your minds eye can be turned into modern artistic pieces very easily with just a little thought. 

Check out our Coloured & Printed splashbacks and see how you can turn your dull laundry into a tropical escape, or your kitchen wall into a handy shopping list!

There are thousands of ideas circling your thoughts just waiting to be created, the only thing stopping them is you.
Get creative, think outside the box, whatever you can dream we can create.

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